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Support for both investor and grant funding routes

Grant application process

We help you succeed by assisting throughout the whole application process to make sure that your project is turned into a high-quality application

Our services cover the entire application process:

  • Identifying the funding scheme that best fits your needs and your type of company/project

  • Planning the application process, in terms of expected workload and documentation needed. 

  • Run several workshops with your team to build a coherent application story

  • Continous consulting and assistance in the writing process so it fits the program's focus and objectives

EIC programmes

The European Commission's EIC Work Programme is divided into three funding schemes: the EIC Pathfinder for advanced research, the EIC Transition for validating technologies and developing business plans, and the EIC Accelerator for assisting companies (SMEs, start-ups, and spin-outs) in bringing innovations to market and scaling up.

Available funding for the Pathfinder programme is up to €4 million, while for the Transition a maximum of €2.5 million can be granted. In the Accelerator programme, companies can also choose blended financing, meaning €2.5 million grant component plus up to €15 million investment component. 



Advanced research with a high-risk/high-gain approach

  • Up to €4 million grant

  • Consortium of min. 3 partners in 3 EU countries

  • TRL 1-4



Technology validation and developing business plans

  • Up to €2.5 million grant

  • Single applicants or consortia of max. 5 partners

  • min. TRL 5



Bringing innovation to market

and scaling up

  • Grant up to €2.5 million and up to €15 million in equity funding

  • SMEs

  • min. TRL 6

We have experience identifying the right call for proposals, drafting the proposal together with the financial planning, and submitting it. We thoroughly prepare our clients for the pitch, ensuring that they are capable of delivering an engaging business presentation in front of a jury.

Danish grants

There are several public funding options in Denmark and as a company located in the country, we have hands-on, practical experience in increasing the funding success of innovative projects. 

  • Innovation Fund Denmark

The Innovation Fund invests in converting promising ideas into innovative solutions that improve Denmark's economy while also helping to address some of society's problems. Larger projects are supported through the Grand Solutions programme with DKK 5-30 million per project, where development, new processes or building and developing long-term research competencies are of high importance. The Innobooster programme invests in promising ideas from SMEs and start-ups. Innobooster covers 33% of project expenses and invests DKK 50,000 – 5 million in projects that demonstrate innovative thinking and significant market potential. 

  • MUDP

The programme places a high value on initiatives that are business-driven and have both a commercial and an environmental benefit. The projects are assessed based on environmental, resource, commercialization and business potential. MUDP prefers to see applicants for DKK 5-10M and funds 25-70% of a project's budget, depending on the size of the applicant companies and whether the funds are used for research or testing and demonstration.

  • EUDP

EUDP funds energy technical development and demonstration initiatives, as well as research that is mainly business-oriented. The request is open to both small, technology-specific consortia and large collaborations across the value chain. The programme can provide funds for the development of all energy solutions that can help Denmark meet its energy policy targets of reducing CO2 equivalent emissions by 70% by 2030 and reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

  • Eurostars

This European program is aimed at small and medium-sized research and development companies. Eurostars' mission is to strengthen European competitiveness, create new employment, and help innovative SMEs and project partners. National rules apply to each country; for example, some countries exclusively fund SMEs. Partners will earn a total of €0.5-1.5 million for technology and product development if their application is successful. ​

Investor search and negotiation

We know inside out how investors select their investment targets. Our assessment of the business case and investor attractiveness as an investment opportunity consists of several steps:

  • Profiling of type of investors to approach

  • Review and update the business plan, budgets and IP situation

  • Valuation discussion

  • Submission of investment summary and preparation for investor presentation and meeting

  • Follow up on meeting outcome and request additional information

  • Preparation for investor examination & due diligence


Besides grant applications, the Gate2Growth team can offer a structured approach for investor search and negotiation. It includes assessment of business case, investor attractiveness as investment opportunity and profiling of type of investors to approach. During the preparation process, your business plan will be reviewed and updated alongside with budgets and IP situation. As for the next step, we support you in submitting the investment summary and preparing for investor presentation and meeting. ​

After a follow-up meeting, we begin to prepare for investor examination, due diligence and finally, investor negotiations.

Let's work together!
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