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Whether you are in need of an expert perspective or responding to constructive feedback for resubmission, let us help you maximize your chances of success.


Is this application not your first rodeo? Have you done multiple grant writing for your business? Hats off to you! However, even seasoned grant writers can benefit from a second set of eyes. At Gate2Growth, we know that the grant application landscape is always changing. Sometimes, what used to work may not work anymore due to new requirements or shifts in expectations.

Our extensive experience gave us a deep understanding of what makes a successful submission – and identifying common pitfalls and areas for improvement. An outside viewpoint often reveals inconsistencies or areas needing clearer explanations. Our goal is to provide practical feedback that increases your application’s clarity. Whether refining technical details or aligning your narrative with grant criteria, our reviews are designed to strengthen your application’s competitiveness.



Didn't quite get the green light this time?  No worries! Grant applications are competitive, and even the most promising proposals can receive feedback for improvement. The good news? This feedback is gold. It shows valuable insights into what resonated with or confused evaluators, pinpointing areas where the narrative can be adjusted.


At Gate2Growth, we transform this feedback into action. We'll work collaboratively with you to understand the reviewers' comments. Together, we'll identify areas for strengthening your project focus, ensuring it aligns with the grant program's objectives and resonates within the current global/regional context.

Let’s team up and crack the code on how to make your application even better!


strengthen your application with a 

We do review and resubmission services on an hourly basis with flexibility to what suits you and your team best. Usually, it is a combination of written feedback and online meetings where we can clarify our suggestions for your application.

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