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Innovation Fund Denmark invests in translating promising ideas into new solutions that have the potential to create growth and employment in Denmark, contributing to solving societal challenges. Innofounder is a 12-month full-time course for entrepreneurs with higher education aimed at accelerating the development of innovative entrepreneurial ideas from the early stages to financial sustainability, either through sales or by raising additional public or private investment. The Innofounder course includes salary financing to allow full-time focus (37 hours a week) on developing the entrepreneurial idea and building a business around it.

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up to 82,500 DKK/month for a year



TRL 1-3



2024 August 13



Maximum of 3 founders


To apply for the Innofounder program, a detailed application must be submitted online via the electronic application system. Applicants should start preparing well in advance, as no amendments can be made after submission. The application must include:

  • Project Description: Address the Innofounder assessment criteria, describe how the idea fits the chosen theme or non-specific funds, and provide details on the quality of the idea, its impact, and the execution plan.

  • Degree Certificate: For graduates or documentation of expected graduation date for students, clearly indicating that the education meets the requirement of a minimum of 120 ECTS points.

  • CV: Outline the scope and nature of work experience, limited to two pages per applicant.

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Please note that this is an estimate based on our experience working with this grant and available information.

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