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Long term strategic consulting to help your company achieve its growth goals

The value of strategic consulting

Using a strategy consultant from Gate2Growth provides you with an outside view of your business from a person that has worked extensively with a variety of strategic challenges across sectors and businesses. The role of the consultant is to challenge the existing assumptions of your business and suggest alternatives, allowing you to overcome the challenges you are facing and grow faster.

What is included in our consulting service? 

We help clients with a variety of different issues, below are some examples of this.

  • Advice on business plan: 

We give in-depth advice on how to build a business plan suited for a specific purpose, be it for investors, grants or as an internal strategy tool.

  • Business modelling

Gate2Growth has worked with hundreds of organizations and seen different business models both succeed and fail. Based on our experience, we discuss the advantages of different business models.

  • Go-to-market strategy

Discussion and support on how to build a solid go-to-market plan, that takes resources, partners, suppliers and distributors into account.

  • Budgeting

We support companies making realistic budgets with a special focus on liquidity, and this is a critical area that is often overlooked.

  • Workshops

We provide workshops on a variety of topics, which can be used by organizations to work on their IPR strategy, value proposition and more.

Your trusted advisor

While you can use Gate2Growth to help you solve a specific challenge, we tend to have long-term relationships with many of our clients.


This means we cover many years and get to know the company, its people, products, challenges and opportunities. The result is better and more tailormade support.  

  • A trusted long-term partner, just like your lawyer or accountant

  • Always only a phone call away 

  • Strong partner network across Europe we can pull expertise or contacts from 

Let's work together!
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Bianca Barozzi
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