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The EIC Transition programme, part of Horizon Europe, is designed to support the progression of innovative technologies from the lab to real-world applications. This grant aims to mature and validate new technologies, ensuring they are ready for market introduction. The funding covers activities such as prototyping, formulation, model development, user testing, and other validation tests. 

An important requirement for this grant program is the applicant's eligibility. Projects must build on results from previous EIC Pathfinder, FET Flagship calls, or ERC Proof of Concept projects. The originating project should have been active for at least 12 months or completed within the last 30 months.

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up to €2,5M



TRL 3-6



2024 September 18



Single applicant or consortium


There are two main steps to be completed within this grant scheme: 

  1. Written application: Your application has to be submitted through the Funding and Tenders portal. Necessary data about the company, participant(s), budget and ethics have to be filled in directly on the platform. A maximum 22-page PDF document is to be submitted, where the details of the project’s quality, impact and implementation plan are described. It is advised to use visuals and illustrations and make it easier for the evaluators to comprehend your scientific breakthrough in such a short space.

  2. Face-to-Face Interview: Proposals that pass the initial evaluation are invited for a face-to-face interview with the EIC Jury. During the interview, applicants will pitch their project and answer questions from the jury, who will assess the team, business plan and milestones.

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Please note that this is an estimate based on our experience working with this grant and available information.

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