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The program is designed to advance research, development, and testing of innovative solutions to benefit growth and employment in Denmark and address societal challenges. The program supports mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships aiming to accelerate the development of cutting-edge solutions to societal challenges. Partnerships are based on roadmaps outlining how to achieve mission goals and visions, and applications should propose activities to implement these roadmaps.

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5 - 50M DKK



at least TRL 3



25 September 2024



Single Applicant or Consortium


The application process for the Innomission program involves several key steps.

  • Firstly, applicants are required to register and fill out necessary details about the applicant(s) and project in the dedicated platform by the mission.

  • Subsequently, applicants must fill out the application template provided by IFD and upload it as a PDF. This document can contain up to 30,000 characters, including spaces, with font size 11 for the text and bold headlines.

  • Alongside the application document, several mandatory appendices must be attached as separate PDFs. These include partner motivation, a description of key persons involved in the project, and a Gantt chart illustrating the timing of different work packages, figures, pictures, tables, and other supplementary materials, adhering to the specified guidelines. The budget aspect of the application process is crucial. Applicants must use the budget file supplied with the call text, available for download from the IFD's website. 

After being selected for investment, the parties are required to sign the Investment Agreement and create a Date Management Plan for their activities.

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Please note that this is an estimate based on our experience working with this grant and available information.

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