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Grass-Based Circular Business Models for Rural Agri-Food Value Chains

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GO-GRASS is committed to transform the untapped potential of European grassland, making it usable, reducing imports of nutrients and dependence on fossil fuels and finding ways to provide the resulting benefits to strengthen rural communities. GO-GRASS partners will test a wide range of solutions in four promising regional demonstration sites located in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. The project, financed by the European Commission, runs from 2019 until 2023.


  • Develop cost-effective and sustainable circular business models

  • Diversify and revitalise rural economies and provide quality jobs and opportunities

  • The production of bio-based products replacing existing fossil-based alternatives, such as fertilisers or plastic-packaging

  • Large-scale replication especially in remote communities with unexploited resources

Gate2Growth participation

In the Go-Grass project, G2G is leading two work packages. The objectives of one of the work packages are Business modelling & Exploitation strategy, which focuses on developing a suitable business model and operational business plan for each demo, testing and validating business models and supporting the exploitation of project results.

As the work package, Replication and Capacity Building Activities leader, G2G is responsible for creating practical replication and upscaling strategies, carrying out capacity building activities in follower regions and training current and future entrepreneurs. Furthermore, within the project, an online business assessment tool will be developed.

Go-Grass partners

The consortium consists of a multidisciplinary team of 22 partners from eight European countries.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 862674.

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