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Recycled materials integrated in bricks, supporting the circular economy in the construction industry

Grand Solutions



The ReMaBrick project is set to transform the brick manufacturing industry by using recycled materials. With over five billion bricks produced annually in Europe, there's an urgent need for sustainable alternatives. ReMaBrick addresses this by replacing 20-40% of clay with waste materials like old wind turbine blades and glass wool. This innovative approach not only reduces the reliance on natural resources but also repurposes difficult-to-recycle waste, offering environmental benefits. 

The project will develop a more sustainable, cost-effective, and certified product, aiming to lower CO2 emissions and enhance the overall efficiency of brick production. Key objectives include analyzing waste material properties, integrating them into brick production, scaling up for industrial use, and validating the performance through extensive testing and certification processes.

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In the ReMaBrick project, Gate2Growth played a key role in bringing all the partners together and ensuring smooth collaboration. 

To increase the chances of positive evaluation, our team created easy-to-understand visuals and infographics to clearly convey the project's purpose and the impact it will have on the construction field. Adhering to the budget requirements of the Grand Solutions program was crucial, and we made sure everything stayed within those limits. Throughout the entire submission and grant preparation process, we offered continuous support, making sure everything ran like clockwork.

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