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Reversible Robust Power-to-X

Innomission - MissionGreenFuels



Power-to-X (P2X) technology is crucial for achieving climate targets and maximizing the potential of offshore wind energy, both locally in the Danish North Sea and globally. Traditional Solid-oxide electrolysis (SOE) faces limitations in P2X applications due to lifespan and fluctuating energy handling challenges.

This project aims to advance P2X capabilities through a Dynamic Electrolyser Unit (DEU) building on the main applicant, Dynelectro's innovative SOE technology. The existing 30kW DEU will be optimized to a 40kW version with Elcogen modules for flexibility and robustness. Integration and testing at Syslab (DTU Risø) will focus on dynamic hydrogen production and P2X system integration. 

Aligned with MissionGreenFuels, this project aims to boost green hydrogen availability, supporting renewable green fuel production and enhancing energy availability.

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Energy Cluster Denmark

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Energy Cluster Denmark


The Innomission program, MissionGreenFuels call required close collaboration with various partners, together forming a consortium. Dynelectro, a pioneer in high-temperature electrolysis coordinates the project. Gate2Growth supported the development of the project scope, shaped the narrative for call-specific requirements and provided guidance on budgeting. 

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