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Personalised response monitoring in oncology: co-creating clinical trials in advanced breast cancer

Horizon Europe - EU Cancer Mission



PREMIO COLLAB aims to significantly impact the management and outcomes of patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) by modernizing response monitoring strategies. It is a large consortium including healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient advocates, and has secured an €8 million grant from the European Commission under the EU Cancer Mission cluster.

The project involves a pragmatic multicenter randomized clinical trial, comparing FDG-PET/CT-based monitoring with conventional CT. Key objectives include analyzing the intervention's impact on survival, quality of life, and cost-effectiveness, and providing essential data for health technology assessment agencies and policymakers.

In addition to clinical research, PREMIO COLLAB will employ participatory research designs to develop modernized patient pathways and digital workflows. AI-based solutions in imaging and liquid biopsies will be explored to broaden diagnostic perspectives.

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Typically, Mission calls are announced with relatively short deadlines. When the coordinator, Odense University Hospital, reached out for our services, we quickly organised an on-site workshop just days after the call. This face-to-face session proved invaluable in laying out project scopes, defining objectives, and assigning roles among partners for the project period. This intensive workshop ensured everyone was on the same page.

Our support doesn't stop with hitting the "Submit" button, we were there through the entire grant preparation and signing process, ensuring smooth navigation of administrative procedures. 

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