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Image Sensor for low light Camera Applications

SME Instrument, Horizon 2020



Pixpolars MIG image sensor represents the key enabling solution for low light optimized outdoor Security & Surveillance cameras to achieve maximum image quality. NIR light dominates over visible light in most challenging outdoor low-light circumstances, therefore Near-Infrared (NIR) image sensor performance is crucial. The MIG image sensor solution is a patent-protected innovative semiconductor component with digital integrated circuits and light-sensing pixels. It has a high potential for commercial deployment in important EU industry sectors such as security, defence, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and energy. 

The SME instrument funding was crucial for addressing the funding gap that this deep-tech company was facing for the commercial exploitation of its invention. Production of Pixpolar’s MIG image sensor will take place at European chip manufacturing companies, a solution chosen by many other European innovative fabless semiconductor companies.

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Pixpolar has been working closely with Gate2Growth to develop all the content for the SME-instrument application, including advise on the next steps in its business and funding strategy. The Pixpolar team received extensive training in preparation for the all-important final interview by an EIC jury in Brussels.

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