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Lotus MicroPower

Revolutionary power conversion technology

EIC Accelerator



Our electronic devices are getting smaller and more powerful, driving the need for constant innovation. Specializing in highly integrated power modules, Lotus Microsystems addresses the industry demand for high power density and superior thermal performance in electronic devices that outperform traditional models in both size and energy efficiency. Additionally, its CMOS compatibility allows for integrating all components into a single substrate, freeing up space for new features or further miniaturization. This project focuses on finalizing the power converter design and moving into pre-production and production phases.

Their innovations hold great promise for applications in wearable electronics, IoT devices, hearing aids and high-performance computing, offering manufacturers increased design flexibility and the potential for further miniaturization of devices.  

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Lotus Microsystems

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Lotus Microsystems


To scale up and reach out to potential customers, it was logical to look into larger EU grants, such as the Accelerator program. Since it is one of the most competitive grants out there, Gate2Growth consultancy services were brought on board to influence the odds. 

Our team supported business planning and budgeting, taking into consideration the company's long-term vision. Working closely together, we created a compelling video, clear and engaging visuals and prepared the Lotus team for their interview. As usual, our support continued to ensure a smooth grant preparation and later on, reporting processes towards the European Commission. 

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