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High-efficiency 1 MW Dynamic Electrolyser Unit for cost-efficient production of PtX-based green methanol

EIC Accelerator Challenge - Energy storage



Power-to-X (PtX) converts water and intermittent renewable energy to high-value products. As electricity constitutes approximately 80% of the P2X product cost, high conversion efficiency is critical. However, the current best solution, Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) technology has a limited lifetime and dynamic capabilities are a current barrier to large-scale commercialization. The applicant, Dynelectro provides a solution using a novel SOE technology with a mix of alternating (AC) and direct current (DC), called AC:DC. The technology can accommodate fluctuating green power, and temperature variation and thus increase the lifetime of SOE stacksfrom 2 to 10 years.

In this project, Dynelectro will develop, construct, and field test a 1-megawatt unit using this revolutionary AC:DC method and produce 100 tons of green hydrogen. 

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Dynelectro is not new to the grant field, but scaling up to a 1MW unit is a significant step forward. Their novel electrolysis method and impact on the energy sector positioned them well for larger EU grants.

Aligning with Dynelectro's mission, Gate2Growth shaped the project to address the specific challenge, (Energy storage) outlined implementation plan, and detailed work for both grant and equity periods. After the positive response, the pitching sessions started to prepare for the interview. Additionally, G2G also supported grant preparation and finalisation processes. 

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